The Agency - The underground music industry consulting firm

The music industry is a business, therefore, it is a must to provide the proper paperwork to an artist, producer, manager, and/or promoter to protect their rights.

Forms such as copyrights, contracts, agreements, etc. are tailored to your specifications.

We have over 5000 different legal forms ready for modifications.

Basic contracts cost $25.00 - $100.00 depending on the intricacy
of the details involved.

Complex multi-page documents are based on content and duration of development.

Also, Bios or Press Packages can be compiled by our affiliate sources.

Business consultations are also available at $25.00 an hour.  The game is sold not told.  Learn about publishing, copyrights, mastering, promoting, song structure, artist development, vocal and performance techniques, and much much more ......

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