1. Music Production - Beats, Song writing, Arranging, Piano and vocal lessons,Song production, etc.
2. Promotion - Street team, internet, Guerilla Marketing, Word of mouth, etc.
3. Consultation - Music Business information ie. publishing, royalties, masters, record deals, etc.
4. Business Forms - Contracts & Agreements ie. consignment, management, partnership, copyright, etc.
5. Entertainment Registry - Booking Agency for DJs, Singers, Musicians, Dancers, etc.
6. Artist Development -  Song writing and structure, Stage presence, Interview techniques, Recording tips, etc.
7. Music Critique - Listen and give constructive feedback of songs or projects
8. Bios & Hype Sheets - EPKs, Magazine articles, Blog posts, etc.
9. Recording Studio - Pro Tools preproduction sessions
10. Graphics - Logos, Cd covers, Website content, Flyer design, Freehand drawing, Portraits, etc.
11. Photography - Self Conflict photo, Headshots, Album photo, etc.
12. Video - Commercials, Music Videos, Advertisements, Documentaries, etc.
13. Audio & Video Editing - Mixing, Editing, Enhancing, etc.
14. Engineering - Recording, Mixing, etc.
15. Monthly Showcases - Open mics, Fashion Designer Shows, Networking, Promoting, Industry Panelists, etc.
16. EQ Techs - Troubleshooting equipment problems, Installing new equipment, Training classes on specific equipment
17. Cd Duplication - Cd or dvd
18. Printing Services - Business cards, Flyers, J Cards, etc.
19. Novel Soundscapes & Audio Scenes - Readings with sound effects, Audio acting with music and efx
20. Beat Broker & Artist Liason - Promote & sell beats for producers, Promote and sell songs for artists, etc.